Beyond the Front Porch: How Exploring Where You Live Strengthens You!

While serving in the military, it’s no secret to service members that you don’t really get to “choose” where you live. You get your marching orders and you go. Sometimes these locations are not exactly desirable, but accepting that notion can really impact your happiness. So you cannot be a happy leader, happy mama, or a happy paps! So what can you do to see the beauty beyond your front porch?


For starters: leave the porch! I live in Arizona. People from around the world come here to visit the states diverse landscape. While we do boast the Grand Canyon, we also have many other locations that can top one’s bucket list–dare I say Havasupai Falls?  (Seriously if you’re an avid hiker, you have to check this one out. It’s on my bucket list!) And yes, Arizona is known for its desert and the majestic saguaro cactus, but have you heard of Sonoita, AZ and its quaint wineries, or that we have both snow skiing and water skiing opportunities!  These are just a few exploring adventures one can take, but still…I cannot tell you how many people I have met that say they hate Arizona, “It’s so brown!”

My little guy. He loves our visits to Lake Patagonia: fishing, swimming…yes mom!

Describing the state as brown typically signals to me they have not been past our cities perimeter. And my response is: “You have to look past the front porch.”

So how can exploring where you live strengthen you? Let’s face it: taking breaks from our structured lives is a must. It is refreshing. We have designated time to connect with our family and friends to simply enjoy each other. Exploration gives us the chance to try something new, or simply reconnect to our beloved hobbies. Exploring always equates to adventure and seriously isn’t the human race adventurous by nature? So if we’re not giving into this desire…how can we give to others?

As a mother, father or a leader, your core charge is to guide. When we do so we have to also see the beauty that is around us, even if we have to look really hard past the front porch. Otherwise, if you’re seeing brown, what are your kiddos seeing?  What are your co-workers seeing? What are those who look up to you seeing?                                                                                                                                                  

Trust me, I am guilty of seeing the negatives. I truly miss the beauty of South–and the food! (Okay that’s another blog.) BUT my point is, I do take a moment to remind myself of all the adventures I get to take here! And there are  a lot to take, I honestly have not even dived into half the adventures that are possible.

So what I am saying is…DO BREED OPTIMISM. How you see where you live flows into the perception of those around you. Like I said, you’re charged with being a guide so why stay on the front porch? I’ve never known a travel guide that didn’t seek adventure. 🙂

Have you enjoyed a recent adventure? Do you have tips for exploring? I would love to here about them. Until then, best to you!

Okay, maybe our Bootsie would prefer the front porch. He’s just come in from a dip in the cool water. He looks a bit mopey don’t you think?

2 thoughts on “Beyond the Front Porch: How Exploring Where You Live Strengthens You!

  1. This is a great post. I have only been to Arizona once and it is definitely on my and my husband’s list of places to get back to. In the almost 36 years I have been married to my husband I have learned to explore and be more adventurous. My husband likes nothing better than driving around and poking around new areas.


    1. Thank you so much for reading! Yes you must plan a trip to Arizona. The summers are brutal here. I recommend at least September through early May. We have a lot of visitors through the winter months. I hope you and your husband can make it here. Truly beautiful. Best to you!

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