5 Quotes: Writing Inspiration for Bloggers and Aspiring Bloggers

It’s the start of fall semester and that means time to unleash my favorite quotes. Since I hope to inspire my writing classes, I thought why not share a bit of insight with fellow bloggers.

First, you must know, I adore William Zinsser’s book On Writing Well.  If you’ve not heard of this book and you write,  do yourself a favor–read his book!  Zinsser is the master at illustrating the art of writing. He’s simple, straightforward, clever, and blunt–yes pretty blunt– but that’s what makes his teaching style so memorable. I can’t help but smile when reading his candid remarks. He’s right in so many ways–nothing is held back regarding the execution of writing. 

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So here are five quotes that can inspire you to keep blogging. AND if you’re not blogging yet, here are five quotes that might inspire you to get started.      

First, “Don’t try to visualize the great mass audience. There is no such audience—every reader is    a different person.”

We know this, but sometimes what reaches one person may not reach another. We must realize and be open to this idea. Me included! Recently, a friend shared she did not like my first blog at all. We hope our friends are not included in this group, but the truth is they have different taste too!

“…writing is a craft, not an art, and that the man who runs away from his craft because he lacks inspiration is fooling himself.”

It is as Zinsser says: “writing is a craft” and masterpieces are hard work. Most of us are probably part-time writers/bloggers. Think about this: do you run away from your day profession because we don’t feel like working today?  Then why would you try an escape your writing passion?

“There is no minimum length for a sentence that’s acceptable in the eyes of God.”

I just love this one. Okay so as a writing teacher I might argue this, but, and I say but, if you know how to correctly punctuate throughout a sentence, well now, anything is possible–and God does not care how we appear before him; he will certainly not care that the sentence runneth over.  🙂

If you’re not a person who says “indeed” or “moreover,” or who calls someone an individual (“he’s a fine individual”), please don’t write it.”

I’m raising my hand in guilt! You might recall I was in the Air Force for 22 1/2 years. Well now…I did not exactly get to walk around and practice my craft. And I have used moreover, many times–because it’s loved in Air Force ceremonial script writing! By who? I don’t know; it’s always been done that way. And now, I hope you see my error. What Zinsser says is very clear: be yourself!  Let the audience know who YOU are through your writing. 

“It won’t do to say that the reader is too dumb or too lazy to keep pace with the train of thought. If the reader is lost, it’s usually because the writer hasn’t been careful enough.”

True, so true. You must read your piece as the reader might read your piece. I always stress to my students, “Look for areas you can be more specific. If you feel something can be clarified then your hunch is right; you must make your point clearer.” 

Bells ringing…. and there you have it: five simple quotes. For more quotes, you can view the link below. I have my own copy of Zinsser’s book, and if you have never read a book on writing, I highly recommend this one. No sales pitch here; I receive nothing in return, just the satisfaction of sharing good advice.

Oh and I should mention, while I do try to perfect my writing, I’m of the opinion that I can never reach the “state of perfection” in any piece.  I believe I enter the “state of acceptance”–not in this will do, but rather this is the clearest depiction of perfection. How about you? How do you know when you’re ready to send your piece off? I would love to hear about it, or any other methods you use for inspiration. Best to you! 

William Zinsser, On Writing Well: The Classic Guide To Writing Nonfiction

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18 thoughts on “5 Quotes: Writing Inspiration for Bloggers and Aspiring Bloggers

  1. So much of this is so true! I try not to write too often though because I would rather write longer pieces and think through ideas in my head before I actually start to write. I have a dedicated notebook to jot down keywords or phrases or ideas for posts, or just remind myself of funny things that have happened that I might want to include. I always proof read a few times and try to look at it from different people’s points of view (how might my sister read this compared to someone who doesn’t know me very well?) and then I ‘tweak’ bits as I read through, changing a word, adding details or rearranging a sentence etc. I have been teaching kids to improve their writing for nearly 17 years but I’ve learnt more about the explicit process of writing since I started blogging than I ever had before! I may have to buy the book… 🙂


    1. I’m so glad you could benefit from this blog. I did too! I had to keep reviewing/revising this piece as I couldn’t stop thinking about Zinsser’s comments–if I’m talking about him I’d better apply his thoughts! That’s wonderful you teach writing too. I’ve only been teaching writing courses for almost a year now. Writing something has been an interest of mine for a very long time, and I finally decided if I’m going to teach writing I had better “walk the talk.” I know that’s cliche and not Zinsser approved. 😉 Yes I do recommend this book. It’s a bit of a push when you need it. If you do purchase you will have to let me know your thoughts. Also I can see your pieces take a lot of work; they are creative and well developed. It seems like some of the blogging advice is to blog often, but if you’re creating longer pieces that would be difficult. Better to aim for quality and not quantity. At least that’s my thought anyways. And thank you so much for taking the time to read this piece. I very much appreciate it. 🙂

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  2. Thanks for those quotes! I will aim more at being myself so that my audience can know who I am. I write most of the times out of the experiences I’ve had and will love others to learn from. I am pretty convinced I may need a book on writing, maybe I go check out your recommendation

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    1. Hello I’m so glad you found the blog useful. I think sharing our experiences is wonderful, especially when others can learn from us. I think reading about writing is so helpful too. It opens up thoughts and ideas we might never have considered. This is one book that I’ve continued to use well after earning my Masters degree. I do recommend it. If you do read the book, I would love to hear your thoughts. I hope I don’t steer you in the wrong direction. You seem to do very well already! 😊

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  3. For the first couple years I was strictly a blogger and then decided to write about about the subject of my blog. I always enjoyed writing. I had no idea how much I was going to have to learn to put out a book that was well written and all other things to do with it. It is in the editing phase and I can go back to the beginning and see things that need to be changed because of things I had learned. It is fortunate there is so much on blogs and SM that helps writers with the entire process. For me it has been quite an experience and I hope when it is published it will be something i can be proud of doing.

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    1. I am sure your publication will be something you are proud of! I can see the care you put into your blogs, and I cannot imagine the book being any different. As far as editing and revision, it is a beast. The fact that you’re still seeing needed adjustments is not unusual. I think writing is a process that is a constant state of change…at some point we just have to let the baby fly off!

      And I admire the work you’re doing, and good luck on the final stages of publication! I have only read about these things–the publication part– so I am not an expert. I hope to hear the book is done in the near future. Sonni thank you for sharing your experiences and thoughts! 🙂

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      1. Thank you. I almost compare it to learning how to play the piano – which I teach and have had some students for years. It is easy to see promise and also those that can’t play and those that have different goals but it is such a learning process that takes time and effort.

        Yes, there has to be a place to let it go – I have to get through the first personal edit before I use a edit to help me polish it. It’s a scary thing doing something of that magnitude knowing the public is going to be your critic so you have to have pretty thick skin and welcome good criticism. But most of all – if it isn’t fun, you should find something else to do. I love a challenge to see what I can do. I have had a number of totally different careers in my life and never settled for normal. When i finally get this done I’m sure I will be shouting it from the rooftops!

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  4. Reblogged this on Leadership2Mommyship and commented:

    Are you looking for writing inspiration or guidance in the technique of writing? I could use a bit of advice from time to time, and I love reading William Zinsser’s thoughts to help me during my writing blocks. For me, his tips never, ever, go out of style, and so I’m sharing this blog again–just in case you’re also experiencing writer’s block or if you’re simply looking for writing tips. May his writing wisdom help you explore your writing and set forth an inspirational muse. Happy blogging! 🙂


    1. Yes it’s true, and I wish I was more mindful of writing more often. I remember a writing assignment I had some time ago–why don’t you write? Well I conveyed everything else I did–like vacuuming the carpet, and I’m pretty sure I personified carpet! Anyways, I found the book very easy to read and really informing. And every now and then I yank it out for advice. If you have the chance, I do recommend you read. 🙂

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  5. I like that ‘state of acceptance’. A few years ago, a friend who works in publishing told me that the industry accepts that a final publication will never be perfect. Quality within the limits of the time and resources the organisation was willing to invest – and employee’s discretionary efforts I suppose. I learned a lot from the phrase ‘just ship it’. Was that Seth Godin? Anyway, at a certain point, get it out there in the world and let it land where and how it will with readers/customers.

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    1. Thank you Naomi, I honestly don’t now how I arrived to the term “state of acceptance.” It is as Seth Godin says, “certain words invade your vocabulary” and yes, this happens! If you read a few of my blogs, you might begin to notice how I discuss sailing, ships, and of course our journeys in life. All these words sort of fell into place. Last night, I was considering my usage of the daisy on my blog. Truth be told, I’ve never had a webpage or blog, and I just went with what my chosen theme offered. Anyways, after reading the meaning of daises– love, motherhood, and new beginnings– I have decided it is perfect! It signifies my time as a leader in the Air Force, and my decision to retire and have more time for my family. Blogging is really about discovery, and I am truly enjoying this voyage. Thanks so much for your inspiring words! Until our ships meet again! (You see it’s addicting isn’t it?)

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