vote-1286584_1280“Do the unexpected. Take 20 minutes out of your day, do what young people all over the world are dying to do: vote.”

-Rick Mercer-

It’s an amazing privilege we have: the right to vote. Whether you like the candidates or not, it is irrelevant. The fact is every American Citizen has an opportunity to help shape this nation, and we do not always have the perfect or best choice–such is life.

Sometimes we must make tough choices. The act of voting is no different, and every time you vote for a president you should always elect who YOU feel will best uphold our nation’s democracy. If you’ve been in a leadership position, you know this is true: you do the best you can with the resources given.  If you’re a mother: you do the best you can for your children with the resources you have–ditto for the fathers.  If you belong to none of these positions then at the very least make your position someone who is dying to vote–be an active participant in our democracy!

I am asking everyone to make a choice! Please don’t shy away because you’ve been swayed by social media. Take the time to learn more about both candidates, and take your treasured 20 minutes to vote!

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