10 Blogging Etiquette — Amitav Chowdhury

1.Please do not delete the ‘About’ page and try not to have these texts in it ‘This is an example of a page…’. If you are inspired to start a blog, writing two lines about the blog won’t take much time (description need not be too personal if you are not comfortable); it will give […]

via 10 Blogging Etiquette — Amitav Chowdhury

Hola all! I am sharing Amitav’s “10 Blogging Etiquette” as I thought many of you might be interested in a bit of blogging insight. His list contains excellent points that are really helpful, especially if you have not stumbled on a “subtle rules for blogging page.”

I should also mention I absolutely adore Amitav’s poetry. Honestly,  I would nominate him for a few awards if he accepted them. 🙂  Still, I can at least share that his thoughts are truly thought provoking, and I highly encourage you to make your way to his site. Thank you and enjoy!

Thank you Amitav for letting me share your excellent advice. 🙂

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