Words Crush Wednesday: A Lesson on Exploration

“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.”

– Robert Louis Stevenson-

I’ll bet Stevenson’s words are sung through the heart of a young child: children don’t really care so much about the where, but that they are indeed going. What if we all viewed life so innocently? We simply stopped and enjoyed. We simply stop to explore and see the world from a new perspective and refuse to judge its simplicity, but rather seek its complexities? Maybe you’ve been there and done that before, but what–myself included–can we find that is unique this time?  Notice how young children take in everything around them and are notably curious. Do they really care that they’ve been to this park before? Probably not. Children are typically always happy to be at the same park, time and time again.
Look who we discovered hiking near Patagonia, AZ!

Recently my family and I went camping. During our trip, we took a few “walks through the forest.” As you can see in the picture above, we were on our own little discovery trip. I could not believe how much my little guy enjoyed our trek. So much in fact…I realize we must do this more often! He jumped in a nearby creek with another little friend, made attempts to catch butterflies, and simply embraced his chance to explore!

While I always enjoy a good hike, it was when my friend and I sailed on our own adventure that I realized I am not taking this all in…I am not “all-in” this “great affair to move.” Okay, I was moving of course, but I was seeing the world through the weary eyes of a grown up. My observation pounced upon me as I noted the many treasures D was finding in the forest. See the image below:


Now, what does this look like to you? Let me give you a few seconds to think about that………

Okay, it’s a vertebra. You see it right? 🙂

Now the second image I do not have a photo of, but she found a feather. We think maybe an owl feather, which she placed into her simple braid.  She hoped for an Eagle’s feather as that brings good luck according to the Native Americans. None was found that day, although I am sure one is in her future.


At this point, I was beginning to admire her proclivity for finding random objects, and I also questioned my lack in surveying the area for hidden treasures. And then what do you know…soon enough, we found the “treasure” of all treasures. Okay, I reluctantly admit she spotted the item first, but we both examined the unknown object in total awe and admiration. I was beginning to feel like a school girl. I felt a tinge of jealousy rising in my chest as we admired the unknown object. Seriously, though? Who manages to find so many little gems? Alas, I will not keep you pondering. Here is what was found:


A curious object isn’t it. Can you place what it might be? Now I will not declare this piece’s position yet.  I want to encourage my readers to follow along and chime in regarding what you think this object might be. Please come back on Friday to find out D’s discovery.  In the meantime, try to view this image through they eyes of a child. I encourage you to have a discerning eye for hidden treasures, although I will not confirm or deny that it is a treasure at all. What I will do is encourage you to have fun, explore our world, and get moving for the sake of moving.


Good luck! Thank you for sharing this adventure with me. Now go and discover the world through the eyes of a child!


Update to post: My father conveyed this bit of info to me. So please note for the safety of Bald Eagles. 

“The Bald and Golden Eagle Act prohibits anyone from taking, possessing, or transporting any bald or golden eagle, or the parts, nests, or eggs of such birds without prior authorization.”

US Safety and Wildlife Service


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Words Crush Wednesday

12 thoughts on “Words Crush Wednesday: A Lesson on Exploration

    1. Thank you! This one took some time as I’ve been thinking about how I would approach this quote. I actually had not planned on including the camping trip, but my muse visited early this morning and somehow I finished the post. Thank you for reading, and I hope you have fun with guessing the object. 🙂

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  1. A wonderful read! We often look for the complicated & sophisticated things in life. But happiness & joy can be right in front of our eyes. My kids seem to get the most laughter out of rolling around with me on the living room floor versus a $100 trip every weekend to the amusement park!

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    1. So true! Our kids really want our time and their parents. At least when they are young, the transition to teenage years changes the game a bit–they become more of a thrill seeker and probably would appreciate a trip to the amusement park, of course not every weekend. But consider what we wouldn’t mind ever weekend? Mom’s cooking, maybe dad’s BBQ? It’s the little things we remember best. You’re children will remember those times you wrestled about and will one day pass on to their kiddos. Isn’t life a blessing. 😊


  2. An interesting read, I love your take on how to enjoy an adventure. I myself enjoy going out with youngsters as they know how to enjoy their adventures and that how I still think too.
    Hmm interesting finds. It’s quiet evident that you enjoyed your trip too.

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  3. To experience the world through the eyes of young children is such a joy. To be there when they see something, or experience things for the first time. That’s what motivated me to become a teacher. Seeing that light in their eyes that makes their whole person glow.

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