New Year, New Challenge: My Journey w/LegalShield

Shut the front door: What does this mean for my blog?

I am still Leadeship2Mommyship! No doubt about that! I love this adventure we have been on together, and I hope all of my readers will continue to follow me. I still plan to explore the world around me through the eyes of a leader and a mom. However, I will create a new folder that discusses my adventures with LegalShield, and I plan to post once a month regarding the business. So, if you’ve ever wondered about or have tips in the field of Professional Network Marketing please follow those blogs too! I have never done anything like this, and I would really appreciate any tips you might like to share. 

What is LegalShield?

Some of you may be familiar with LegalShield, others maybe not. Let me tell you the quick definition. It’s prepaid legal services, with an entire firm of experienced lawyers that provides legal advice and assistance for whatever life might bring your way–not to mention a will provided and then reviewed every year. However, exceptions do exist, such as representation in court, although they offer a 25% discount for these situations, and this program is only offered in the United States and Canada. The company also offers identity theft, separate enrollment, that is backed by Kroll, called IDShield which states: “If you become a victim of identity theft, we spend up to $5 million to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to restore your identity.”

Why did I become a member?

Well, I’ve known about LegalShield for roughly three years through a fellow co-worker I served with in the Air Force. However, other than my knowledge that LL was an associate, I knew very little of the program. At the time, it wasn’t appropriate for him to discuss the business. Fast forward three years later, and I’ve expressed my concerns for my blogging website, vulnerabilities of security risks and so on. When LL sent me the program’s information, I immediately saw value in the membership–19.95 for my family every month! Seriously: I have access to a lawyer for tax questions, copyright questions, contracts, and assistance with speeding tickets? Then I remembered all the times I was a vulnerable consumer and knew various businesses were not resolving my issues responsibly and thought… “This has to be illegal!” Yet, I didn’t have the extra cash flow to simply call a lawyer—and so YES, as a consumer I felt it high time to even the playing field! So all I could think was sign me up!

Why did I become an associate?

At first, I had my concerns; yet, is that not typical for any business venture? With anything risks do exists, and I think you have to admit that and be honest. This challenge can go many ways. Yet what attracts me to the idea of this corporation is their drive to develop their associates. I admire the passion and the energy that surrounds these dedicated professionals. Why not try something new, especially when I stand behind the service. So this year, I’ve chosen to join the ranks of a LegalShield Associate.  I hope you join me on this adventure as I share my challenges, and maybe we can all learn something new together. 

“I don’t ever want to get too comfortable in my career or life. My nature is such that I’m always looking for new challenges.”

Mary Fran


If you would like more information, click here: LegalShield.




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