5 Quotes: Writing Inspiration for Bloggers and Aspiring Bloggers

Are you looking for writing inspiration or guidance in the technique of writing? I could use a bit of advice from time to time, and I love reading William Zinsser’s thoughts to help me during my writing blocks. For me, his tips never, ever, go out of style, and so I’m sharing this blog again–just in case you’re also experiencing writer’s block or if you’re simply looking for writing tips. May his writing wisdom help you explore your writing and set forth an inspirational muse. Happy blogging! 🙂


It’s the start of fall semester and that means time to unleash my favorite quotes. Since I hope to inspire my writing classes, I thought why not share a bit of insight with fellow bloggers.

First, you must know, I adore William Zinsser’s book On Writing Well.  If you’ve not heard of this book and you write,  do yourself a favor–read his book!  Zinsser is the master at illustrating the art of writing. He’s simple, straightforward, clever, and blunt–yes pretty blunt– but that’s what makes his teaching style so memorable. I can’t help but smile when reading his candid remarks. He’s right in so many ways–nothing is held back regarding the execution of writing. 

kaboompics.com_Opened book on a old wooden boards

Photo courtesy of kaboompics.com

So here are five quotes that can inspire you to keep blogging. AND if you’re not blogging yet, here are five quotes that might inspire you to get started.    …

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5 thoughts on “5 Quotes: Writing Inspiration for Bloggers and Aspiring Bloggers

      1. Thanks, I will, in the mean time I am reading a book about building a community of same taste people.

        You got a nice blog and will take me a week to explore.


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