Apta in die illa: Crave the Day

I often hear I can’t. And I’ll admit to feeling that way a time or two. Okay maybe lots more, but what I’d like to share is I did. Oh yes, I did and still do. You can too if you know what to do.

Yikes, I’m  feeling like a hopeful Dr. Suess. I guess that’s what blossoms when I blog late into the night. Never you mind, my point is we all crave something. The question is: what do you crave? And have you poured yourself that cup of coffee?

Oh, I see, a tree has fallen in your way.  Well, can it be moved? Can you jump right over? My question is…what’s stopping you? Oh, it’s a who not a what. Well then who dear? Who is stopping you? Who whispered in your head, “This is not meant for you dear.”

Oh, a naysayer you say? Well, maybe they should crave their own coffee, and maybe you should decide how you like your coffee. A tree can only block your path when you allow it to become a barrier.

It’s very simple: success is your choice. How you define success is your choice. How you succeed is even your choice. I hope you realize you have choices, but whether you chose a path or not, it’s entirely up to you.


It does not mean plan A will work; in fact, you may find yourself on plan Z! But no matter what plan you breathe; you’ll need action steps to move forward. Whether you’re returning to school, applying for a position, or hiking the Badlands, steps towards success are necessary. At the end of the day, whether or not you crave the day will always reveal itself to you.

Some time ago, I remember a young lady asking me, “I don’t know how you do it. You’re in the Air Force, you have children, and you manage to take classes, I’m single and I don’t I have any extra time to take classes while being active duty.”

Hmm…I thought to myself. Well, I drive myself a bit crazy sometimes, work late, and often spend Sundays locked inside my house versus hanging out with my family. BUT I visioned a success only I could grab hold of. I wanted to graduate with a degree before I retired from the Air Force. I knew having a degree, equipped with my service experience, would help me transition a little better into the civilian world. So, I simply pressed forward.

I accepted the fact that discomfort is a part of hiking life’s greatest trails. No hiker sets off without a well-equipped pack and neither should you: success requires essentials in your backpack. Make sure to grab hold of what matters. A hiker doesn’t reach their destination without those essentials and neither will you.

Always remember, how you move forward is your choice. And if you’re looking for a virtual hiking companion– and chit chat on craving the day–then join me. Let’s talk success. Let’s share how to arrive at our hopeful destinations. I’m ready for an adventure. How about you? Then let’s do it! Let’s explore our world through life’s many lessons: let’s climb past fallen trees.  Let’s crave for our definition of success. If you’re up for the hike, then join me! Let’s rise up and ask: how will I crave the day?


14 thoughts on “Apta in die illa: Crave the Day

  1. Loved It! It’s what my life has been about. Plan A thru Z sometimes, but all in all I’m moving in the right direction even with a few bumps and curves in the road. I have my backpack packed and you know how I can pack it all in. Everyday is an adventure and I’m always looking for that challenge. Thanks for sharing some of my adventures and challenges with me and looking forward to many more. I’m proud of your accomplishments!

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  2. Nice post! 🙂 Very true- the position where we are in life now is a product of all the choices and decisions that we made. It’s always up to us if we want to be successful- just like how it is up to us if we want to be happy. 🙂

    I missed to let you know earlier that I nominated your blog. It’s okay if you do not participate but know that I think your blog deserves it! 🙂


    Kind regards,
    Nina- thehappylife101

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  3. I can so relate to this. When my kids were little I worked full time, ran the household, and studied at university for my Masters degree. Looking back on it now, I am in awe of myself! I. DID. THAT 🙂 I guess if we set our minds to it, are motivated, we can do anything we want and more. BTW, I love Dr Seuss. And many thanks for the follow.

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    1. It is amazing what we’re able to do! As you mentioned, we really don’t think about the exhausting part of it all. I think the key is enjoying the journey and biting off just enough to move us forward. And I love Dr. Seuss too, even though I’ve read a few negatives about him. I’m going to focus on the joy he brings to so many children. It was his birthday yesterday. He would have been 113! And thank you for following me too! It’s so nice to meet people who have shared similar journeys. 🙂

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