52 Weeks of Thankfulness: Week 12, Reflecting on my Air Force Retirement

This month marks my two year anniversary from the Air Force. It’s amazing how time flies when you’re having fun! I am so very honored to have served, and I had a wonderfully amazing career with so many who are still making a difference today. So in honor of my service retirement celebration, will you take a moment to thank a Veteran if you see or know someone? Can you check on a service member’s family if they are separated from their loved ones? Life is full of choices and these fine men and women are willing to lay down their lives so others may live free. Let us shower them with our support and prayers.   

As for my retirement, I know I often receive strange looks when I say that, but I am. So what am I thankful for? Well here are a few snapshots from the past two years. Life is a blessing, get out there and discover your tiny treasures. 


When venturing through life, keep friends close who adore adventuring more than you!

Hiking with my pup in Colorado!



My nerves have been challenged watching this girl!


We’ve visited a lot of friends, including our much-adored animal companions.

We all have so much to be thankful for in life whether it is past times or what the future might bring. My wish is that we all take more time to explore our world, small trips can equal big memories. For many years my days were very long, and I can tell you I am making up for it as best I can.

As I continue my  “52 Weeks of Thankfulness” at Haddon’s Musings, I invite you to join this journey as we make our way around the world spreading seeds of positivity.   Thank you to Bernadette for allowing me to participate on this journey. 






21 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Thankfulness: Week 12, Reflecting on my Air Force Retirement

      1. I know. He came back from Afghanistan, then volunteered to go to Iraq to serve on the reconstruction advisory team. When his term was over and came home, he has a replacement of his position. That officer was killed in the following 2nd week! It could have been him!!


      2. How sad. Yes the Air Force just lost a young lady last week, mom to two young children. It is horrible when we lose any service member. Some time ago we lost a member at my base. I knew him best as a parent on my daughter’s gymnastic team. He was a good person, super supportive dad. But he didn’t come home. He heard shots fired in a tent, went into assist. Maybe you heard on the news, a meeting was to have occurred with locals in Afghanistans, but that didn’t happen. And he left three children and his wife. So yes, your brother in law is lucky to retire. My friend was a weather officer. Seems safe enough, but anyone deployed faces risks. You just never know. Very sad.


      3. Yes, it’s really sad. My friend’s son came back from Iraq alive, but he has terrible PTSD. He couldn’t get jobs for many years. After he got a job, whenever he had anxiety attack, he had to leave work, and eventually lost the job. He is in treatment now. Our country sacrificed too many good people without getting enough appreciation!

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  1. A lovely post. I am glad you are safe and enjoying your retirement. It is so sad to hear of lovely people losing their lives…
    I love your dog. I hope to get one too when I have gotten my travelling bug out of my system.😊

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    1. Thank you! Dogs are wonderful companions. Boots does like to travel and he’s very upset when he sees me pack, and I leave him. But they can’t go everywhere, like Lego Land. I’ve just visited there with my son. And thank you for commenting on those who gave all…thank you for stopping by.

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    2. minden esetben magukon viselnek, azért tisztázzuk, hogy legfeljebb pár tucat emberre tippelek, akik egyetértenek veled. Azért ez nem a mindent elsöprÅ‘ közakarat, még egy népszavazás kiírásához is kevés. Próbáljuk helyén kezelni a dolgokat.Meg aztán, sokan használják mókából. Én is, pl. Békánál is láttam már. Ne vonj le belÅ‘le messzemenÅ‘ következtetést :-).De térjünk a lényegre, látunk tÅ‘led bizonyítékot, vagy megmaradsz a bol… izé, a totalitárius vitakultúra szintjén?Ãœdv: Wyquin


  2. Thank you for your service! I hope you are enjoying your retirement. 🙂 My father-in-law was in the Navy for 20 years. Each of his 3 boys did at least one tour in the military and our nephew finished his 4 years in the Marine Corps last year.

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    1. That’s wonderful! Yes I’m enjoying many things, and oh the plans I can make now! I’m very thankful. My grandfather was Navy, dad is retired Air Force. I think the services have much to offer both professionally and education wise–I never had student loans! Please thank them all for their service for me. 🇺🇸


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