52 Weeks of Thankfulness: Week 18, Students We Nailed it!

This week I am so proud of my students. Many are working adults, from all walks of life, who squeeze time in for classes. Together they embarked on a literary journey to lay claim to a required course credit. Since the class IS required, I was quite surprised many left expressing they had a deeper appreciation for literature and a lessened fear of writing. Now that is something to raise my arms up in the air about! I want to power pose, snap my glasses on and proclaim…ohhh yeahhh! 

Truly I am ecstatic and humbled. I had so many rock-star students this year, and I am honored they have a new outlook on literature and writing. Of course I’m not naive; many will not go on to pursue a literature degree and this is what I express:

“So you know what this means? Use the critical thinking skills you gained in class to help you in the profession you’re seeking. One day you’re going to ask for resources, maybe you’re building is collapsing, and you’ll need to request funds! You had better write a well supported-detailed letter; otherwise, you may get nothing. “

I am truly thankful they entered my classroom with a bit of optimism and diligence, allowing little ‘ole me to partake on their journey towards success.


Final message for all:

In the end, learning happens because you, me, we commit to the influence of change. We commit to the process that in one or two years we conquer a goal or two, or three–the key is we have a vision of goal(s). While the journey is the adventure, we  must still make an appointment to be somewhere and dedicate ourselves to these goal(s). We cannot expect change to simply envelope us; we must diligently move forward and believe the journey is the lesson.

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24 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Thankfulness: Week 18, Students We Nailed it!

      1. Yes, I know. When the students said they didn’t know what to write, then I asked them a few questions, they answered me. And I said, you have a very good “story” or ” thinking,” just write the way you think or the way you would tell your story. Then they felt less threatened. I used to have a Writing Process chart in my classroom! What students do you teach?

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      2. I agree with you. For the first essays, in both classes I teach, I encourage them to reflect on their own thoughts and experiences. In the literature class I teach them about the Reader Response Theory and allow them to write their own unique spin on a selection of short stories provided. This encourages students to use their personal life experiences to reflect on the text. It’s a gentle way to introduce students to critically think and write about literature. And I teach at the college level. Thank you for asking. 🙂

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      3. Teaching in college is exciting. They start to explore their own world and have so many fresh idea. Have something as a base and find their own response is perfect way to express their thoughts according to their experiences. I bet it’s interesting to read their essays!

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      1. Steve Job said the same thing in his speech in Stanford graduation ceremony.

        We went to take some other course, and ended up taking Arts classes. And that’s the reason we have so beautiful windows.It was his idea

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  1. A beautiful post and good luck to your students! My son is sitting his English literature exam on Monday and studying away! However as a musician and favourite subjects of maths and computing the literature studies come less willingly although over the years he’s become taken with all the texts. Seeing Macbeth at the Globe helped a lot too! A great passionate teacher is the key and your students are lucky to have you; your love of the subject shines through! 😀😀

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    1. Thank you Anika that so nice of you to say. I am lucky too. Ahhh…Shakespeare at the Globe how neat for your son. I love Shakespeare myself, to see a play is the way Shakespeare intended. Your son is very fortunate to have that experience. And best wishes on his exam! 😊

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  2. Wow! This is wonderful news! This is something to celebrate for!! Congrats! I hope you have rock star students every year! I think students need teachers like you, because then, they won’t be so terrified of putting pen on paper, if this makes sense.


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